Monday, December 6, 2010

Olay 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Visa Gift Card giveaway (post 2 of 4)

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This contest is now over. Thank you to all who entered. The winner will be contacted via email from BlogHer. Happy Holidays! xoox

I am not a very girly girl. I really wish I was sometimes, just so I could bond with my friends when they begin talking about the newest and greatest product, or where to get the best facial or massage in town.

I get haircuts about twice a year. I do like manicures and pedicures, but usually only get them if I’m doing a big event—so less than six times a year.

I do most of my clothes shopping online, or at the mall at a store that rhymes with Darget.

I usually don’t try clothes on first. I just bring them home.

I’m not very picky—I figure if things fit okay and I’m somewhat presentable, I’m good to go.

I seem to have pretty normal skin. Before having kids I’d get breakouts here and there, but nothing to be terribly upset about. I did order that sort-of-famous skin stuff off the TV when it was popular to do so, but found it dried my skin terribly and I canceled the subscription (and the subscription thing seemed like a big scam).

I do wear a bit of daily makeup. I rarely leave the house without a touch of concealer under my eyes, some mascara, and a bit of lip gloss. And while I promise I brush my hair daily, I only blow-dry it about once a month (if that).

I don’t really have a reason for the way I am. I’m definitely frugal, but I think it really stems from an overall lack of interest. I’m just not interested (right now) in taking the time to indulge in a beauty routine. I like the way I look. Adam seems happy, the kids don’t appear embarrassed, and I stopped biting my nails (mostly. I still spread DNA throughout the house when I’m on a tight deadline and feel nervous) so now my mom is happy.

So when Olay sent me their new 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, it was kind of neat. I think (scratch that. I KNOW) I wouldn’t have taken the time to go to a store, or even order it online unless they sent me it to try.

But I’m glad it’s here. I like it. I think I’m going to continue to use it, and I’m thrilled that I can just order it through Amazon, because to me shopping in my jammies is the ultimate in luxury.

I really liked reading your comments last week about what you do to keep your skin looking fresh. Most (practically all!) of you credit younger looking skin to drinking water (I need to up that, most definitely), exercise, proper diet, and sleep.

That's fantastic. I can do that! WE can do that!

stuff I have to include:

Feel like your moisturizer’s fresh feeling can’t last all day? New Olay Total Effects Cooling Hydration instantly cools and leaves skin with a moisturized fresh feeling that lasts from morning to night. The lightweight formula also fights 7 signs of aging for younger looking skin. For more information visit

What about you? What’s your daily beauty routine like? Are you a girly girl? Answer in the comment section for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card (pretty much the same as CASH, woo hoo!).

Leave a valid email address so I can contact you. I’m not farming your email addresses, nor am I sharing them with BlogHer or Olay. When the contest ends, I’ll delete them all. I promise.

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You have 1 week to win this particular gift card, but I have 2 more in the weeks to come. Please visit for the complete list of bloggers giving away giftcards---there are so many chances to win! Lots of Visa $$ for everyone!

This contest ends on Monday, December 13 at 5pm pacific

good luck!