Monday, May 10, 2010

Win and Play with PowerAde Play!

June 10, 2010. this contest is now OVER. Thank you so much for all 274 entries! The winner of the $125 Visa Gift Card will be notified via email.
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This is a compensated review by PowerAde Play and BlogHer. I was given POWERADE PLAY to try in my own home, and was paid for my time to write the review. I was not paid to write a positive review and all thoughts written below were my own.

My two big kids are active in sports, specifically soccer and softball. Adam and I think it's important for them to do something physical in their spare time (and our school system no longer has PE, thank-you-so-much-budget cuts...) and we both like the teamwork and camaraderie that happens in organized sports.

Since they are of different ages, and are in different leagues for both of their chosen sports, our family often spends the day at the soccer or softball field. The whole day. Because of this, I usually need to bring along a cooler or bag of snacks and lunches. Since we have allergies, we don't hit up the snack bar all that often. And usually it's closed (thank-you-again budget cuts...).

Even though I've never signed up to be a Team Mom, I'm around an awful lot, and do what I can to support the coaches. Most of the time this means just sitting and watching, and helping with snack distribution

When I was first approached to write a review for POWERADE PLAY, I hesitated. I'm not a sports drink kind of person, and I rarely let my kids drink regular juice, much less a sweet brightly colored punch drink.

In fact, before I had children of my own, I'd see kids with the bright red or orange or blue faces at the park and think to myself that I would never let my kids drink that kind of stuff. But reality sank in, and I agreed to do the review for the following reasons:

1) There is no high fructose corn syrup. NONE! I read every single bottle, and couldn't find it anywhere.

2) The bottles are 12-ounce size and the entire bottle is only 60 calories. SIXTY!

My kids are growing up. I hate it that they are, and I'm tempted to Google how to stop time the way Evie could on Out of This World, but the fact of the matter is they are getting older. And bigger. And they don't want to drink organic 100% juice out of little boxes or pouches in front of their friends on the sports field.

4) The juice is in a bottle, and not in a pouch or box, so it can be re-sealed. I like that the bottles can be tossed into a sports bag or a backpack without leaking colored stick everywhere.

5) Adam plays tennis on the weekend and likes to drink sports drinks along with bottled water when he plays, and I'd rather buy one product only then a few different kinds. We both really like the orange, an awful lot.

So how did they taste?
My children hands-down loved the orange and the blue. We were in charge of snack at softball on Saturday, and they handed out the purple and red juices so they could hoard all of the orange and blue for themselves.

I tried all of the drinks and thought they tasted good, and weren't as sweet and concentrated as that other sports drink.
We had quite a few of our little neighborhood friends try this sports drink, since we were given so many bottles.

The only flavor that drew criticism from the kids was the purple. They thought it tasted a bit like medicine (yet they still drank it...?). Weird.

The great big question: Would I buy this?
Yes. I would. I really would. I've already noticed that there are 6-packs at my local Safeway, and last week it was on sale. I'm going to have to turn in my organic hemp and tye-dyed clothing and my California Hippie membership card.

P.S. my friend Lisa just emailed and said her daughters loved the blue, and wanted to know where to buy it. Lisa is just as Hippie as I am/want to be, and this was a big surprise to read.

Now! The fun part!
Thanks to PowerAde Play, you have the opportunity to win $125
to spend on your child's team/favorite activity.

There are 9 chances to win $100, and on BlogHer's site, they are giving away $500! Please see BlogHer's roundup page for full details and other opportunities to win.

and these are the official rules.

and this is PowerAde Play's official website.

What about you? Are you a sports drink person? Has becoming a mom changed your "
oh I would nevers" mind?

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